Mission Trips

Since 1995 Project Ear has completed 35 one-week medical missions in the Dominican Republic. Early trips consisted of 4-8 participants, but in recent years the missions have grown to an average of 15-19 healthcare workers (surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and audiologists).

Participants begin the week working diligently to unpack and organize equipment and supplies and prepare the operating rooms and audiology area for the busy week. Patients are evaluated and readied for surgery, and four days of “dawn to dusk” work follow. There is little time for leisure, but we do take some time to explore the rich historical heritage including the old city (zona colonial) in Santo Domingo and other important landmarks.

In addition to the medical missions, Project Ear has also organized and completed an audiology training course and a temporal bone dissection course in the Dominican Republic for local ear, nose, & throat doctors.

Training of Dominican ear, nose and throat residents also takes place during the mission trips and at a temporal bone dissection course at The Ohio State University.