Give the Gift of Hearing

They were deaf and now they can hear. Some called it a miracle. But the mission workers of Project Ear – who bring the gift of hearing to thousands of people in the Dominican Republic – know that it’s the result of organizing the gifted, caring and compassionate doctors and nurses who are willing to share their skills with others.

For those helped by Project Ear the results are truly life-changing. Repelled by the sight and smell of horrible ear drainage, Judith’s classmates bullied her to the point that she stopped going to school. Cured by Project Ear, Judith returned to her studies and is now an honor student in medical school who will soon be helping her community.

Juan was born without an ear, but today thanks to Project Ear, his ear has a normal appearance and he is in medical school studying to be an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist with plans to give back to his community.

Sadly, in the Dominican Republic, 50% of hearing loss patients could be healed with proper treatment. But, there are only 15 physicians who perform ear surgeries for a population of 10 million, and there are minimal supplies and equipment available to help the poor.

Hearing Loss Equals Poverty

The only difference between poverty and economic success for tens of thousands of children throughout the Dominican Republic is their ability to hear. Statistics unquestionably demonstrate the economic divide that separates the hearing from the non-hearing. The heartbreaking fact is many of these hearing issues could be solved by simple procedures that many people in developed countries take for granted,
but are hard or impossible to obtain in poorer counties.

The goals of Project Ear are straightforward:

  • Ensure that our services are 100% accessible for the poorest of the poor.
  • Become the leading and most recognizable hearing center of excellence in Latin America.
  • Provide specialized training opportunities for young doctors and hearing healthcare workers from the Dominican Republic and all of Latin America.
  • Utilize the most technologically advanced equipment in Latin America.
  • Prevent chronic ear infections and complications associated with it, including hearing loss and speech/language delay, facial nerve paralysis, meningitis and death.
  • Partner with area municipalities and school systems to provide hearing/speech/language screenings and parent education regarding hearing impairment.

The project is meaningful because:

After only five years the number of projected surgeries in the new facility will be 1,200 per year versus 100 today. In addition, Project EAR will provide over 16,000 outpatient visits per year in the clinic and hearing center! Eventually, Project Ear will ramp up to 2,250 surgeries and 30,000 plus outpatient visits per year!

The Solution Is Simple: It’s You!

A synergy of physicians, healthcare professionals, the business community and many more caring people are expanding the network of “miracle workers” who can bring this dream to the Dominican Republic.

  • The business plan and strategies are in place
  • Long-term operations will be self-sustainable

The next step of the process is raising the necessary capital so that the new medical facility can be built.

  • Two-thirds of the $1.5 million worth of in-kind start-up equipment and furniture has been committed and a comprehensive plan is in place to obtain the rest.
  • $4 million in cash contributions must be raised to construct the new medical facility.
  • Dr. Batista, considered the leading ear specialist in the Dominican Republic, has agreed to become the facility’s medical director.

Consider Changing Lives

Wealth doesn’t change the world, but generosity does! There are many different ways to help, but the most significant change comes when people seriously engage.

  • Ask questions! More people are getting involved every day because they learn from those who are already engaged.
  • Consider a significant contribution. Naming opportunities are available throughout the facility.
  • Give what you can. Call us to see how you might join this effort and help change the lives of tens of thousands of children in the Dominican Republic and Latin America!
  • Consider family, friends and colleagues you might invite to a presentation given by the physicians, board members or supporters of Project Ear. If you are touched by the ability to drastically change the outcome of a child’s life, then engage more people.

Naming Opportunities

To achieve our ambitious goal, we are looking for generous contributors who wish to open the world of hearing to children in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America.

Naming opportunities are available for those so inclined.


Surgical Center$750,000
Audiology Center$300,000
Surgery Rooms$100,000
Rooms$25,000 & $50,000
Giving Wall$5,000

Give the Gift of Hearing